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Philosophy & Methodology

Complete website solutionsWe have built our name and expanded our business on a foundation of designing functional, client-focused websites for all of our customers. Unlike many other services which spread themselves too thin over areas such as business planning, print design, radio advertising, SEO, and so forth, we believe that excellence is achieved in any field through singular, dedicated focus. We design, build and maintain dynamic, useful websites, and our customers have reaped the benefits of this approach for over ten years.

The web is a constantly evolving, rapidly changing arena, and it is dangerously easy to get lost in the shuffle. An online presence that may have been cutting edge ten, five, even two years ago might no longer produce results. We understand that our clients, experts each in their own field, may not have the time or the resources to keep on top of the fluctuating virtual world. Whatever else may change, one thing remains the same: having a powerfully effective website will only continue to grow more and more vital to an organization's success.

Complete Website Solutions

Anttix offers an all-encompassing website solution for our customers. There are three key elements that every website needs to be successful: design, development, and hosting. With only the most talented web development and programming professionals on board and a litany of satisfied clients, you can rest assured that we have the tools to address each necessary element, and to provide the most appropriate solution. With Anttix, you are free to focus on accomplishing the vision of your business, as we are responsible for creating the smooth website foundation to make it possible.

Below you will find some of the core philosophies Anttix brings to each and every service:


Website Business IntegrityAnttix is confident that our services are among the best. However, all of this means nothing if the client cannot trust us. We believe that the integrity of our staff and company is of utmost importance, and it guides all of our professional and personal interactions. Our clients deserve a web developer with a strong moral compass, especially in an industry of complex technology and programming.

Anttix can not and will not steer our clients in the wrong direction towards costly solutions they do not need.

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Unique Pricing Model

Website PricingMany clients come to us previously forced into a pre-designed package with services they do not need or use. At Anttix we begin with a basic format, then incorporate your requirements by breaking them down into necessary components. Each component is then priced, developed, and added to the website as needed. If you need additional upgrades down the line, we can add them at any time with minimal effort. This unique model allows Anttix to build clients the website that suits their needs at a fair cost.

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Flexible Framework

Drupal DeveloperWe refer to the system that we use to develop our websites as a framework. A framework is like the frame of a house. It provides a strong foundation to support the rooms, walls, and furnishings. The better the frame, the better your home. At Anttix a solid framework allows us to build powerful, versatile websites with powerful features and well-built content. Like a home, your Anttix website can grow and change as your needs evolve over time. Having a flexible framework with many features makes an Anttix website like few others.

At Anttix, we primarily build websites using the Drupal framework, used by thousands of websites for its impressive framework and outstanding security. We also specialize in Wordpress and other frameworks our clients already have.

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Quality Web Services

Website Quality CheckWebsite companies start up and fail everyday. In fact, anyone with a computer and a little bit of software can try his or her hand at building a website. As the Internet has matured, however, so have the requirements for creating successful websites. It is not just about slapping up a website, but about creating a vehicle that allows you to easily market yourself. Understanding how to create every aspect of an exceptional website is critical. Anttix puts over 50 years of collective experience to work to give you a high-quality, professional site that keeps you competitive.

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Customer Code of Ethics

Anttix Code of EthicsAt Anttix we understand that our entire business is built around the satisfaction of our customers. Without the work our clients bring us, there would be no future to build all of our other philosophies. Therefore, we treat our customers as we would our closest friends, giving them advice and offering services that would benefit them and not our bottom line. We listen to each and every need our customers have and work diligently to solve each and ever problem we are challenged with. All the while, we keep a positive attitude and always treat our clients with respect and honesty. Each and every employee at Anttix maintains this code of ethics and treat it as the foundation of all the work that we do.

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