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Website Redesign

New Year - New Site!

Website Redesign

Each and every year we learn something new about web design, development, marketing, and security. As new projects come along, we apply these new techniques, standards, and practices to make sure all of our sites are as current as possible. These upgrades include new and innovative styles along with exciting new technology breakthroughs and the latest versions of software offering exciting new features. If time and cost permitted we would update every site we maintain as often as possible, but to conserve both of those valuable resources we revisit a website every three years or so. There are few things we enjoy more than updating and restyling a site we created for a client, much like renovating a home or detailing a car. When it comes down to it, newer is better.

So when it comes to our website, we are no exception. Our website contains many of the same features and all of the same quality as the websites we create for our clients. We believe in practicing what we preach, so we revisit our website from time to time and rebuild it with new features, content, and a brand new design. It is also an excellent way to show our client's examples of website styles and features we use ourselves, that they may, in turn, apply them to their projects. If a function or design is good enough for our clients, it is certainly good enough for us.

That being said, this new website includes a dynamic video background feature, a newly updated and categorized portfolio, a current and recently updated list of comprehensive website services, updated blog article section, and integrated support. All of this content is packaged into a new responsive design with easy access to all available content. We are proud to bring all of this to our new and existing clients and hopefully inspire them to renew their site in this new year.

To learn more, browse your way through our new site and find out what we have in store for 2017!